leading a cannabis revolution

Committed to quality and ingenuity, 22Red was conceived under the notion that cannabis is more than a plant, but a means to honor the creative minds inside us.

Premium Indoor Flower

Masterfully cultivated, radically premium.

22Red’s specialty flower has been cultivated with precision and the strictest of standards to yield radically premium, indoor-grown cannabis results. With a wide range to delight every smoker, 22Red's genetics library is a masterful collection of rare and perfectly preserved heritage strains.


Big Flavor. Big Effects.

Enjoy more radically premium flower with 22Red's half-ounce "SMALLS" bag! These exquisite small nug flowers are sourced from the same meticulously nurtured plants as our larger Kolas, ensuring BIG effects and BOLD terpy flavors. Don't compromise on quality for quantity - 22Red believes there is far more to a good smoke than the size of the nug!


Individually Sized. Built to Share.

Puff, Puff, Pass... is ancient history! 22Red has redefined the meaning of sharing a joint. Filled with a half gram of only premium nug flower, 22Red's "personals" are single-serving pre-rolls perfect for passing out and sharing with friends. Seven of these little gems come in a streamlined case and equal an entire eighth that you do not have to grind and roll. Individually sized and built to share, 22Red's "personals" are the ideal companion to any party!


No trim. No shake. No sugar-leaf. NO GARBAGE!

Our goal is to bring the highest level of quality to each of our products, and our pre-rolls are no exception. Each pre-roll contains the same luscious flower we sell in our eighths, making the smoking experience delicious, potent, and convenient to carry with you. Crafted with extensive knowledge of what makes a great smoke, 22Red Pre-rolls are a cut above the rest!


Phenomenally flavorful, perfectly potent, pure cannabis extracts.

Perfection in! Perfection Out! 22Red’s live resin concentrates are 100% derived from our exceptional flower strains. First, our freshly harvested flower is cryogenically frozen to preserve its original cannabinoid and terpene content. Then, using proprietary methods, it is extracted to create premium oil that is heated and aerated to produce a variety of pure, full-spectrum dabs that erupt with flavor, potency, and effect!